8192 Extreme 2048

8192 Extreme 2048

Based on the highly popular 2048 game. This game takes it to the next level 8192. 4x the game play. 4x the fun.

It also has the coolest slickest looking graphics and game play of any version out there.

Swipe to move all the tiles. When two tiles of the same number touch they merge to form the number of their sum.

Start with number “2” tiles, combine them together into number “4” tiles, those into number “8” tiles,… Continue in joining the same tiles and get all the way up to the 8192 tile and get the highest score. Compete against your friends to see who the top player.

Warning! This games is very fun and highly addictive. Play at your own risk!

* universal iPhone & iPad game
* intuitive & clear design
* addictive gameplay
* Facebook & Twitter share
* easy to understand but hard to master game experience

Simple to play but not that easy to win! So let the games begin!

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